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How can direct mail advertising help your organization or business meet its goals? Put the power of active marketing back in your hands.  

Direct Mail Advertising

One great feature of direct mail is the flexibility to advertise to the scale of your organization. Based on your budget for advertising, we can work with you to determine the appropriate quantity of households to target, as well as which unique demographics to utilize.

“Direct mail is the only form of advertising that lets you precisely pinpoint your target audience and gives you measured results. Fast. You get clear-cut information that’s easy to analyze. And, unlike advertising in mass media, you know precisely who you’re speaking to.” – USPS

Marketing Possibilities

•  Encourage interest in a new product or service

•  Drive customers to your web site

•  Generate new customers or membership

•  Announce a special event

•  Maintain contact with community or customers

•  Enhanced results of other forms of advertising

Pinpoint Your Target Audience!

Mail is a highly targetable medium. Television, radio, and print campaigns can reach millions, but inevitably you will be reaching people who have no interest or need for you product or service. Likewise, spam filters can make email advertising frustrating. Direct mail is a medium that targets your audience and then delivers your message right to their finger tips. This makes it direct and personal.

Your mail advertising campaign may be as simple as saturating a zip code or postal carrier routes, or as unique as targeting specific demographics within a geographic area. We’ll help you target the audience which best fits your needs based on the criteria that best defines your customer. As a result, you will maximize your advertising budget.

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